Frequently Asked Questions

Redecor is an inspiring and relaxing game that allows you to develop your Interior Designer skills while creating rooms of your dreams. As a Redecor Designer, you’ll get new clients (=Design Challenges) every day! Read the Design Brief and impress your fellow Designers by choosing the best combination of colors and materials. Vote for other player’s designs and have an impact on the results. Playing Redecor is relaxing, fun, and it boosts creativity! Join our community, share your designs, and become an inspiring Home Designer.

You can enter a Design Challenge as long as it says “Live”. Each challenge is available for 48 hours, and you can see the remaining time below the challenge. Tap "Design" to open the Challenge, and you will be shown the Design Brief that describes the Client’s wishes for the room. Tap "Start Designing" to open the room and start choosing the materials and colors of your dreams!

Design a beautiful room – practice makes perfect! Try to follow the Design Brief while designing, as our players often vote for the design that sticks to the brief. You can boost your performance by using valuable materials, as the value of the room will be added to the voting results. See the next question to learn more about the Design Value!

The design with the highest Design Value wins the challenge. The design value is calculated from the rating bonus from other players (=voting), and the value of your design (=cash and gold used in the room). This way, your ranking is based on both the value of the room and the popularity among other players. The winning recipe is to keep designing awe-inspiring and valuable rooms!

The final Design Value = Rating Bonus Multiplier x Price of the room. The rating bonus multiplier is weighted by the stars you get from the voting. The multiplier does not grow linearly; there's a formula that weights higher stars more. That's to make sure that voting has a significant emphasis on the final result.

Once you submit your design, it will be grouped with ten other designs from designers near your location. Designs are paired up and displayed to random voters from all around the world. When an acceptable number of people have seen all the pictures, and the design value is calculated, the results are published.

When you're designing a room, tags will remain on the materials that you haven't purchased yet. While designing, you can have up to two unpurchased materials at the same time. If you place more than two items with the dollar tag on, one of the unpurchased items will disappear from the room. Once you purchase a material, it will appear in your inventory. Make sure to buy all of the materials you want to use to submit the challenge.

The materials you purchase in Redecor cost either gold coins or cash. You can see the price of the material below the material icon. By choosing the material and tapping 'Buy' that appears on the material icon, you can purchase the material, and it will appear to your inventory. If you run low on cash, you can convert your gold coins to cash. Once you've used all your coins and cash, you can buy more gold by tapping the gold icon on top of your screen. You'll also get more gold and cash as a reward by voting, and by submitting your designs. The higher you rank, the bigger the prize!

Once a Design is submitted you cannot edit the room.

XP=Experience Points. By collecting XP’s you can level up in the game.

At the moment you can design each room once.

You can use each purchased material five times. The blue number on the corner of the material icon displays how many items you’ve got before that material disappears from your inventory.

It varies from day to day, as it depends on the number of submitted challenges.

We add one quest every 12 hours. You can have three quests open at the same time.

To share your Designs, tap on the 'Share' button in the bottom right below the room. If you're sharing your designs on Instagram, remember to tag @redecorgame and #redecorgame on your posts – you might get featured!

You can get a refund for your purchase directly from App Store – please see the guide.

Tech issues

The game is synced on all your Apple iOS devices, just use the same AppleID.

The most common reason why the app doesn't work is a bad Internet connection. Please make sure your device is connected to the Internet. If this is not the case, try closing and re-opening the app. Another possible reason is that you have an old version of the game. You can easily update Redecor from App Store. If the problem still occurs, please contact us via email: support@redecor.com.

Please do not delete and reinstall the app if it's not necessary. In case of a temporary glitch/error, closing and reopening the app and waiting for the app to fix itself is usually the best option.

If you have to delete the app, please read the following instructions:

Your account is saved either on your device ID or your Game Center. If your Game Center was ON when you installed the app in the first place, your account is safe in your Game Center. In that case, you can safely delete and reload the app, if needed.

If your Game Center was OFF when you installed the app in the first place, your account data is on your device ID. In that case, make sure that your Game Center is OFF before deleting and reinstalling the game. If your account is on your device ID instead of your Game Center, there's a tiny chance that your device ID has changed, and your account can't be found after deleting the account.